Picture Perfect Daylight Savings Edition


Daylight Savings

Spring is a time for renewal, but you know what people don’t talk about- before you are renewed you have to go through death. Or wait they do talk about that? It’s the whole Easter/Jesus thing? Ok, that’s well and good. I want to talk about me though.

This daylight savings time is going to be the end of me. I don’t hear the birds tweeting, I can’t see the pretty spring colors, I can’t smell anything but worms. Why, why must we spring ahead the clocks? What did I do wrong to deserve this?

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You know what I really need is a renewal of the attitudes around here. I’m going with my 4 year old, specifically. I’m adding the Preschool/daycare program she frequents too. Yeah, let’s have preschool pictures right after the time change- that should go well. What fresh circle of hell did I find myself in this morning?

Let me describe it- last night we went shopping for a picture dress and new picture shoes. We tried on the articles of clothing and everyone was happy. Sure, I could have probably had the dress picked out prior to the night before. This is not a critique on my ability to procrastinate. Aalthough if it were, let’s be clear: I definitely would be coming out ahead. Everyone went to bed happy with their outfits. By everybody I mean my 4 year old, my husband (who slept the sleep of the clueless), and myself (who thought I was already ahead because I had outfits laid out for tomorrow.)

My alarm goes off and I get ready. I ask my 4 year old what we should do with her hair. She lets me know that she wants braids, and what is more: she can do the braids. Spoiler alert: she can not braid. I told her she does fantastic work (it’s not a lie, she does do some fantastic things- just not braiding.) I then let her know that since she couldn’t see what she was doing it would be better if I did it. She allowed it. If you are picturing a judge listening to the prosecution request to approach the bench and then nodding slowly “I’ll allow it, Counselor” – you are on point.

I did the hair. Home stretch was to get the shoes on. I asked for her to get socks. She couldn’t find socks, so I found socks. Ok, she placed the new shoes on her feet. We are our way. And… and what’s this- she’s taking them off. NO, NO that isn’t how this goes. That isn’t how any of this works! They do not fit right she says as she removes the shoes and socks for good measure and starts to get emotional. I don’t know why she’s being emotional, I mean I know why I’m feeling emotional since I’m about to be late for work, but she doesn’t seem to have a concept of time. I try to fix it. I ask where do they not fit. She can’t tell me.

I say ok, should we wear a different pair. She approves that decision. I get the shoes and put them on. They are shoes that she has worn for 4 months with no complaints. You aren’t going to believe this part, but they don’t fit right this morning either. I checked for swelling on her feet- there was none. She proceeds to inform me that her socks are also totally wrong. At this point I decide to go and finish my makeup to get a breather.

She in the other room continues to emotionally declare her distaste for all the shoes we have. Also for the socks we have. When I arrive back out there she has found socks that don’t match- one that goes up past her knee and one that is an anklet. She is mad that this isn’t right, but can’t seem to figure out the way to correct it.

I find the match sock. She insists they are the wrong size, but does have to concede that it at least is closer to the anklet she put on. Once on she seems to be content with the sock portion. I guess the thing to do now is to try the shoes, again.

She places them on. The shoes aren’t tight enough she cries. I tighten the strap as far as it will go and I wait. She gets up to walk. I wait. She goes towards the door. I hold my breath and wait. We are leaving.

In short, Daylight Savings has caused my patience to die 1000 deaths. There is no renewal in sight. Emotions are running high still. I don’t know if we are going to ever recover to what our family was only a short week ago, but I know that if it can happen it can’t happen fast enough.