Cristin Downs

Cristin Downs is a mama to a toddler and passionate about sharing women’s stories on her podcast, The Notable Woman.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTIN! THIS Episode is posted on Cristin’s Birthday – July 31st! We love you!

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • How she discovered her passion for notable women and launched her podcast and campaign.
  • Enjoying sharing others’ stories through podcasting
  • How she got into creating a TV show and why she wants to create it.
  • The female Senators who have been shut down and the phrase “Nevertheless she persisted.”
  • The reversed gender roles in her family because her husband stays home with their son.
  • How we raise and applaud our children based on fitting into their gender roles.
  • How women plan everything and the exhaustion with being the primary decision maker.
  • The difference between an assertive woman and an assertive man.
  • Aubrey’s dislike being referred to as any animal (like, calling her dear.)
  • Working vs Stay at home moms and how much we need a village.


More about Cristin

Cristin Downs is the founder of The Notable Woman, a blog, podcast, and soon to be TV show focused on sharing the inspiring stories of visionary women making impacts in their work, community, and world. She’s an ENFJ, theatre junkie, and total bookworm. She’s a mama to a tiny toddler mischief maker, wife to a hottie actor, and lives with her pet menagerie in a tiny NYC apartment. You can find her on her website, podcast, or Facebook group where she presents weekly expert speakers, all focused on women empowerment.

Finding Cristin:

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