Karen Rooff

Karen Rooff is a mother to three, teacher and fitness coach. 

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Being born into a family of runners and how she moved into coaching women.
  • The huge fitness myth that you have to go out and kill yourself or do something you dislike to get in shape.
  • Alexa’s favorite workout and how it can be fun.
  • What an ultramarathon is.
  • How Karen runs as her me time and switches off training cycles with her husband.
  • Aubrey’s funny story about her daughter running a mile. Do it for Whiskey!
  • Tips for adding movement in throughout your day.
  • How unique our children dress sometimes and maintaining that self-confidence.


How Karen keeps her life together:

  • If she isn’t running, Karen loves to sew. She first started when her super thin son couldn’t find clothes that fit and even made all of their clothes for a few years (even their underwear!)

More about Karen 

Karen Shopoff Rooff is a Women’s Wellness Warrior who champions realistic approaches to fitting in fitness. Karen runs marathons and ultramarathons, teaches creative problem solving to elementary school kids, and coaches women worldwide via Balance Personal Fitness Training’s self-directed e-courses and virtual bootcamps. Always striving to encourage other Well Balanced Women, she’s also known to share tips and tricks for living a wellness lifestyle with three busy kids on her blog, Running on Balance. Her Instagram account illustrates that someone doesn’t have to have it all together to keep moving forward in good health

Finding Karen:

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