Lauren Black

Lauren Black is a business owner of two companies and currently launching a third, Bosscation.

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**** As an update, we talked about Lauren’s program launching on August 30th. She has decided to push the launch, but you can still find information about her bosscation launch HERE.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How she runs three businesses efficiently and so that she could have more freedom in her time.
  • The point of Bosscation, a business retreat in a box, is to encourage you to get out of the house and away from the daily to reconnect in your business.
  • Getting away from the distractions of work.
  • Keeping you in tune with your core values in your business.
  • Calculating a budget of time in addition to a budget of expenses.
  • Her tips for those people who are classic “non-implementers.”
  • How intense the workbooks are – they’re more like a course on paper.
  • The whole package when creating something.
  • How Lauren is using Instagram Stories for marketing.


More about Lauren

Lauren Black is a creative strategist who helps entrepreneurs break free from their daily grind to plan for success. Lauren believes in using your past, personality, and passions to find your individual path to profit. Having worked in the analytical corporate world and the creative design industry, Lauren combines right-brain and left-brain thinking to create strategic business solutions. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Lauren currently runs three businesses: Legacy Loft, a graphic design & branding studio; Elevate & Cultivate, a community for design professionals; and Bosscation, a business retreat in a box for strategic business planning.

Finding Lauren:

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