Rebecca Undem

Rebecca Undem is a mom who was too big for her small town and lives to inspire others to be their big selves, no matter what.

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Rebecca got started as an entrepreneur and writer.
  • Her struggle with being too big for her small town.
  • The realization that so many women want something bigger but are unable to move somewhere like Bali.
  • “A lot of times our accomplishments are smaller and simpler, but they are still meaningful.” – Rebecca Undem
  • Being in a different place than you had anticipated.
  • Recognizing success for yourself and how it is ok to say “tried that, it didn’t work.”
  • Moving people out of your “nest” because their expectations don’t matter.
  • Feeling compelled to justify every decision you make.
  • Beginning as a contractor for Dale Carnegie.
  • Feeling like she wasn’t serving anybody with work and her son who was sick.
  • The importance of not compartmentalizing who we are.
  • We are all equally flawed.

 Rebecca’s Best Tips

  • Loving and being authentic.
  • Having the support system that you surround yourself with.
  • Quit looking over the proverbial fence.


More about Rebecca:

Rebecca Undem yearns to live in a world with bold, inspired people who aren’t afraid of making mistakes; with a forever-full cup of coffee in her hand, preferably nut-flavored.

A professional development expert with nearly a decade of experience, she’s a highly sought after speaker, traveling the country, sharing her message of how to live BIG regardless of what you do for a profession or where you happen to be.

When she’s not writing or developing solutions to help individuals, businesses, and communities think bigger and challenge the status quo, you can find Rebecca cleaning up a variety of messes made by her three young children or her farming husband.

Her personal memoir How Mommy Got Her Groove BackTM was released in early fall of 2016.


Finding Rebecca:

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