Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox is a mom and an author who is navigating her Parkinson’s diagnosis. She is also the co-author of the fabulous book Not Yet


We’re donating 40% of our Lose the Cape book sales to Hurricane Harvey victims. Get your copy here! Lose the Cape (aff link) and Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever! (aff link)

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Hurricane Harvey devastating Texas (it was happening as they recorded). – 40% of book sales in September and October going to local charities
  • The first book that Lisa wrote based on a song she had written.
  • The message of her book Not Yet that everyone should hear.
  • How she got the illustrations for her children’s book.
  • The other books she is planning on writing.
  • The impact of grandmothers and Aubrey’s recent loss.
  • The motivation behind the power bracelets that they have to go alongside the book.
  • The non-profit she is starting for non-contact boxing for kids and the inspiration behind it.
  • “After you hit something a few times, you feel good.” – Lisa Cox
  • Her 2 health diagnoses before she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
  • Her upcoming surgery, DBS.


Lisa’s Best Tips

  • Laugh a lot
  • Forgive. Some days you’re going to be an A mom and a C at your business.
  • Give yourself and your kids’ as much routine.
  • Communicate, however, it looks in your family.
  • Even in the hardest times, a blessing comes out of it.


Not Yet

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Hope and Encouragement from a Parkinson’s fighter
The Sachie on the Floor

Contributions on Lose the Cape

What I Learned About Parenting as a Sports Mom

More about Lisa:

Lisa is a former teacher and school counselor of 24 years and is married with three grown sons. She has a passion for empowering children and families and hopes that through her writing people can find hope and encouragement. Promoting kindness, appreciating diversity, and overcoming adversity are all important attributes that she values in life. Currently, you can find her boxing, songwriting, blogging, writing children’s books, planning a boxing program for kids with challenges, or rescuing dogs. She is in the battle against Parkinson’s Disease. Her favorite comment from a dear friend with whom she reconnected recently from college is ” how did I miss that you had ADHD all those years ago?” That comment kind-of sums her up right now. She has many projects going on at once and loving life. If a day goes by and he hasn’t laughed, loved, and learned something, it was a day wasted. That’s her.


Finding Lisa:

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