Maria Dismondy

Maria Dismondy is a mom of three who writes and publishes children’s books and does virtual speaking in schools.

It’s #kathrynday2017

Today, as I remember the passing of my sweet infant daughter, Kathryn, 6 years ago, we are happy to give away a copy of Maria’s best selling book, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun AND HaHa Joke Coloring book. Enter below and leave a comment about the kindest thing someone has ever done for you. <3

I love the overall message of Maria’s book, which is teaching our kids to be themselves in a sometimes very mean world. Your children will adore this book as well!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How she went from a 2nd grade teacher to an author and publisher.
  • Her book, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun.
  • Creating a book that doesn’t exist because you need it.
  • Maria’s tips for getting a children’s book out there.
  • How Aubrey gives the books mentioned on the podcast to her daughters’ classes.
  • How Maria puts all of her book readings available on YouTube.
  • How Maria does a ton of conferences while raising her 3 small children.
  • The way that Maria got into speaking and her advice for others to get into speaking.
  • All of the books she gives away – mostly on Instagram.
  • The way giveaways do help her sell more books.
  • Grassroots marketing and connecting with others.
  • Sending our kids off to school.

Enter to Win a Copy of Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To Be Who You Are!

Maria Dismondy


Maria’s Favorite Me-Time Activity

  • SLEEP and exercise are Maria’s sanity savers.
  • Podcasts help her to feel connected and like she is not alone.


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More about Maria:

Award-winning author and founder of the publishing company, Cardinal Rule Press, Maria Dismondy inspires and educates others in the book industry. Maria’s background in early education and research enables her to touch lives the world over while touring as a public speaker in schools, community forums, and at national conferences. When Maria isn’t working, she can be found embarking on adventures throughout southeast Michigan and beyond, where she lives with her husband and three book-loving children.


Finding Marie:

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