Tara Clancy

Tara Clancy is a literacy specialist for children. Join us for a really interesting discussion on how sleep impacts literacy and behavior in children!

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In this episode, we talked about:


Tara’s Favorite Me-Time Activity


Checklist of Easy-to-Spot Signs Parents Can Look For
Foundation for Airway Health
Breathing exercises to clear nasal congestion (Buteyko)

More about Tara:

Tara A. Clancy, M.A. has been solving reading problems–uniquely–since earning her degree in Educational Psychology from Teachers College Columbia University over two decades ago. She knows that reading affects children’s lives, and children’s lives affect their reading. She brings together her devotion to natural health and fascination with neuroscience with her work as a reading specialist. Her unique insights make her a popular speaker for parent and educator groups. This summer, Ms. Clancy was invited to speak at the U.K. Literacy Association’s 53rd International Conference about Pediatric Sleep-disordered Breathing (PSDB) and its implications for literacy. Her website is www.NurturingLiteracy.com, and she has a YouTube channel called “Nurturing Literacy Talks with Tara.”


Finding Tara:

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