Darren Horne

Darren Horne is the author of “Level Up Your Teens” – which seeks to help teenagers win at life, and as a writer, now contributes to LeadX, The Good Men Project and The Mighty.

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Men get PPD too – did you even know that?
  • How to engage with teens
  • Darren’s book “Level Up Your Teens”
  • The “Be Your Own Hero” mentality


More about Darren:

After being diagnosed with PND after the birth of my daughter, I realised I had been dealing with depression and anxiety most of my life. As a media lecturer I have also seen mental health and self esteem issues rise dramatically with teenagers.

And so I started to fight back. Not just developing the skills and knowledge to deal with my own challenges, but also to reach out to guide and help anyone else who is not getting the most out of life.

As an educator, author, mentor and coach I help people deal with the challenges of modern living, which seems to be set up to make us unhappy.

Alongside teaching media (focusing on social media and personal branding), I also run a martial arts studio that focuses on developing the ability to surf the volcano of emotion that rise when we step out of our comfort zone. I am also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, which has also led me to start a life coaching business.

I am the author of “Level Up Your Teens” – which seeks to help teenagers win at life, and as a writer I now contribute to LeadX, The Good Men Project and The Mighty.


Finding Darren:

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