Nathan Caro Fréchette

Nathan is a father to two young boys, a husband, and a transgender, polyamorous, kinky queer man, a sequential artist, publisher, and author. We talk about supporting transgender teens and more.

We talked about:

  • Coming out as a transgender child
  • Difference between being gay and transgender
  • Depression and suicidal feelings in transgender tweens/teens
  • How to help your child if they are transitioning
  • Useful tools, resources


How to find local transgender support groups.

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Nathan Caro Fréchette

Nathan Caro Fréchette is a transgender, polyamorous, kinky queer man, a sequential artist, publisher, and author. He has published over a dozen short stories, both graphic and prose, as well as five novels, three graphic novels, and two works of nonfiction. He is the author of the online comic Some Assembly Required on Tapas. He has taught creative writing over a decade, and has a degree in Film Studies and another in Sequential Art. He was the founder and director of the French Canadian literary magazine Histoires à Boire Debout, was an editor for the French Canadian graphic novel publisherPremières Lignes, and is a co-founder of the Ottawa-based publisher Renaissance. He has been teaching creative writing since 2005, and GMing various table-top RPGs since 1997. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and two children.

If you write transgender books and would like to submit to his publishing house, you can do so here.


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