Julie Santiago

Julie as an amazingly beautiful spirit who helps other women connect with themselves. She recently published her first book Awaken: 6 Sacred Steps to Remember Who You Are and Why You Are Here. This was our May book club selection for LTC.

We talked about:

  • Her beautiful book Awaken: 6 Sacred Steps to Remember Who You Are and Why You’re Here (aff link)
  • Why she went from Wall Street and millions of dollars to follow her heart
  • Why she wrote her book and who it can best help (hint: if you feel like you are not quite complete and you want to lead a more authentic life, this book is for you!)
  • The Gratitude Circle and how this group of 40,000+ women helped launch her book successfully

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Julie Santiago

Julie Santiago quit her perfect-on-paper Wall Street job and walked away from millions of dollars to follow her heart of making this world a better place. Julie is a spiritual catalyst for women who are longing to find something “more” in their lives. Drawing from her personal experience and years of deep soul initiation, she guides women to break through their fear, discover their purpose, and awaken to their personal Truth. Julie has helped thousands of women discover their purpose and find more meaning in their lives. She incorporates a variety of modalities including transformational coaching, holistic wellness, yoga, meditation, and spiritual philosophy to guide women on their path to awakening.

Find out more on her website juliesantiago.com


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