Leslie Blanchard

Leslie is a contributor to Ain’t Nothing But a Teen Thang, Lose The Cape!’s third book in a series. Leslie’s essay, titled InstaSpy, is a hilarious account of discovering the world of Instagram through her teen’s eyes. Leslie and Alexa chatted live on launch day about that essay and about the tragedies that Leslie has confronted and overcome in the past year.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How and why she started her blog – a humor blog about raising 5 kids
  • Her husband’s unexpected death and how that’s changed everything
  • Her essay about playing on her teen daughter’s Instagram account
  • Her daughter Gracie, an NBA dancer
  • Imperfect parenting and how every family is different
  • nature vs nurture
  • the loneliness of motherhood
  • how kids are different and wonderful

Leslie, showing her Love for Ain’t Nothing But a Teen Thang!

On a beautiful afternoon at the end of January this year, Leslie’s life was irrevocably changed when the Love of her Life, her husband of 33 years and father of their 5 children was killed in a motorcycle accident. Prior to that, Leslie’s blog had been a mostly comical chronicle of marriage with a large family of teens and millennials. Now she shares her daily experiences as she comes to terms with her profound sadness and shock, coupled with an effort to ever-capture even the lighter side of the most unimaginably painful challenges life can throw one’s way.
 She has been featured in Your Teen Magazine, and on websites such as Blunt Moms, Scary Mommy, BonBon Break, Lose The Cape, Today’s Parent, BlogHer, and Faithit.   She has been interviewed on NPR and is also proud to be liberally splashed about The Huffington Post in the United States, France, Spain, Japan, Quebec and Germany.






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First, I want to disclose that I gifted this sponsorship to my friend Kaitlyn because I believe in the mission of her product SO. HARD. CORE. There was no money exchanged, and I’m happy to make her a sponsor. Because taking away the binkie from my middle child was such a horrific experience that SIX years later, I still want to give back to other moms by helping get through this challenging time.

We’re so happy to support our friend Kaitlyn’s Kickstarter. Kaitlyn Pierce is a mother of two little girls, age 5 and 2. She created a product inspired by the creative way she helped her oldest daughter, Sylvia, kick the challenging pacifier habit for good. The product is called Binka Bear and has grown from an idea to a fully functional product now on Kickstarter. Just before Sylvia turned 3, Kaitlyn began looking for tools or products to help with this transition and found nothing on the market, however, she did discover a fun solution a couple of her friends had tried which inspired the idea that is now Binka Bear. The product launched on Kickstarter on July 6th, so let’s show Kaitlyn some love over at her Kickstarter page.



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