Shanti Brien is a contributor to the third Lose the Cape! Anthology, Ain’t Nothing But a Teen Thang. Her essay, How to Raise a Feminist, offered Shanti’s perspective and advice on modeling what it means to be a feminist.


In this episode, we talked about:

  • How going back to work felt like being herself again and saved her
  • How WANTING to work doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids
  • The lie of Work-Life Balance
  • Why so many women end starting their own businesses
  • The cost of daycare versus the benefits of a second income
  • The challenges of raising teens
  • Raising a feminist
  • Ain’t Nothing But a Teen Thang


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More about Shanti

Shanti Brien is a recovering-NFL wife and mother of three. As an attorney she formerly represented convicted criminals and now teaches criminal justice professionals and other public servants complex skills like increasing fairness, engaging residents and creating inclusion. As a writer, Shanti blogs about mothering, growing up Oakie and Indian, and her life with criminals and potential criminals. She also writes about teaching and lawyering for Ms. JD.

Shanti’s Website



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