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I don’t really know what to call this episode – because I talked a lot about what is happening in current events and why it matters to women, why we need to learn how to engage with each other civilly even if we disagree, and what is going on big picture in October for Lose the Cape. So, this episode is a hodgepodge of talking about that topic, talking about pregnancy and infant loss awareness month and breast cancer awareness month.

I also mention some important things we have coming up, such as the Inspired Parent Summit!

Mary’s 21-day online event is entitled Inspired Parent Summit II: Awaken Your Parenting Strengths, Raise Creative, Confident and Conscious Kids. This is a FREE audio event, and you can register by clicking here!

This Summit is designed with easy access for on the go parents. You will be able to listen from your smartphone, in your car while driving, or through your computer.

Topics will include:

    • Insights into the changing role of a father
    • Relationship with self & children
    • Educating your child for an optimal life
    • Mindfulness
    • Countering Media’s hold on youth
    • Guidance to Raising Teens and Tweens
    • and so much more!

Inspired Parent Summit II is a FREE event, consisting of daily interviews with individuals leading the conscious parent movement, and is available to all who join today.


Bonus episode!

Our friend Jody came on the podcast a few weeks ago to launch her first children’s book, Princess Monroe and Her Happy Ever After. Princess Monroe is the first children’s book published by Alexa’s imprint, Purple Butterfly Press. Get your copy today!

Our interview with Jody was Live on Facebook, so just click the image below to watch it on our Facebook page!

Jody Smith



In this episode, we talked about:

  • Jody’s 7-year journey to bring Princess Monroe’s story to the world
  • Why Princess Monroe needed to be written
  • How fairy tales do a disservice to girls and boys
  • All about the illustrator that brought Princess Monroe to life
  • The book trailer by Kirthi Nath, of Cinemagical Media
  • Kirthi’s video project, More Women Leaders Everywhere
  • Alexa and Jody’s favorite quotes from kids about the book
  • How bringing this book into the world was like a birth plan gone awry
  • Kate Butler’s Visible Live
  • How overwhelming it is to publish a book
  • The Courageous Girl Community



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More about Jody

Jody Smith is a first-time author and longtime believer in fairytales. A former interior designer and store owner, this now present mama, dreamer and explorer is telling stories just outside of Mpls, MN. She loves watching her two charismatic girls use their imagination, grit, smarts and whimsy to navigate this world. It inspired her to write a book for all the princesses who are capable of saving themselves and for all the mindful mothers who revel in raising strong daughters.

Jody’s Website

The Courageous Girl Community


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