Shannon Pulaski is the founder of ProActive Genes, and the author of Mom’s Genes, a children’s book that helps families talk to their kids about genetic diseases. We had a great conversation with Shannon about why it’s never too early to start being proactive about cancer prevention.

This Valentine’s day, love yourself by taking CARE of yourself!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Shannon’s experience with the BRCA gene and getting tested
  • Why she wrote Mom’s Genes
  • How Asheknazi Jews are affected by the BRCA gene
  • Nancy’s feelings about getting mammograms
  • Alexa’s experiences with OB-GYNs
  • Women’s experiences with medical and health care
  • Updates on health care legislation
  • The impact of the BRCA gene on men
  • What families can do when they find out mom or dad carries the BRCA gene

Resources Shared by Shannon

Bright Pink

Facing Our Risk

To learn more about family history and how it affects you, visit Ovarian.Org and this CDC page.

For more information about how Asheknazi Jews are predisposed to the BRCA gene, visit One in Forty and Sharsheret


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More about Shannon

Shannon Pulaski is an intellectual property and business attorney, author, and avid patient advocate. After a genetic test revealed that she is BRCA+, Shannon made the decision to be proactive about her health and take affirmative action to reduce her risk of hereditary cancer. Shannon has dedicated her efforts to advocating for patients. She volunteers as an Ambassador for Bright Pink, a nonprofit advocacy organization focused on early detection and prevention of breast and ovarian cancers, and she also serves on the Young Leadership Council for The Basser Center for BRCA at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

As a mother, Shannon Pulaski felt compelled to share her family’s health history with her children so that they can understand risk, live proactively, and become educated patients. She launched a new initiative called Proactive Genes and wrote a children’s book entitled Mom’s Genes to help families get a conversation started about their own family’s health history.

Shannon resides in New Jersey with her loving husband and their three children. She dreams of one day soon where better options will be available for those that are predisposed to hereditary disease.

ProActive Genes
Shannon’s Book for Children, Mom’s Genes


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