Desiree Peterkin Bell was claimed as a triple threat by Black Enterprise, and when you listen to this conversation between Alexa and Desiree, you’ll understand why! This was a long-anticipated interview for Alexa, and the conversation does not disappoint.


In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Alexa and Desiree met
  • How President Obama got a copy of a book that both Desiree and Alexa contributed to
  • Desiree’s mission to help people find common ground so we can have those uncomfortable conversations
  • The results of the 2016 election as the impetus for a conversation about allyship vs. accomplice-ship
  • What does allyship mean?
  • Desiree on facilitating a conversation between a women who grew up as a white supremacist and a Black woman educated as a lawyer and now a political activist.
  • Having the courage to be uncomfortable
  • Alexa asks, “What steps do we take to make sure we are supporting ALL women?”
  • Why we can’t be “colorblind,” or say that we don’t have bias.
  • Honoring the melting pot that is the United States also means acknowledging the pain that comes with understanding our history
  • Being better equipped to dismantle the systems that oppress what is seen as “the other”
  • Understand the definition of privilege as it applies to race

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More about Desiree

Desiree Peterkin Bell strives to identify, create, and leverage traditional and nontraditional media, and define strategies that work. Desiree Peterkin Bell is a strategist, brand builder and problem solver.
In recognition of her efforts, Desiree has been honored as one of the industry’s best and brightest by PR Week’s “40 under 40″; as a ‘Shorty Award’ winner; by the Philadelphia Tribune as “One of Philadelphia’s Most Influential African-American Women”; by Black Enterprise as a “triple threat”, and by Philadelphia Business Journal as a “40 under 40” recipient.
Prior to establishing DPBell & Associates, Desiree Peterkin Bell served in two appointed positions for the City of Philadelphia and for former Mayor Michael A. Nutter: Director of Communications and Strategy, and City Representative. As Director of Communications she was responsible for creating and leading local, regional, national, international, traditional and non-traditional media strategies for the City of Philadelphia and Mayor Michael A. Nutter. She crafted the first-ever social media policy for the City of Philadelphia and built an award winning online presence for the City.

Desiree’s Website

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