Our friend Emily D. Baker is back to spill the tea on LuLuLaRoe, networking marketing and some important legal and biz advice that we needed to hear.  We thought it was important to have  a discussion about how women in particular are affected when network marketing schemes go bad, but we’re not here to bash MLMs or networking marketing! Both Alexa and Emily are reps for the products they love. We won’t lie–this is a longer episode than usual and we touched on some other topics, too because we love talking to Emily!



In this episode, we talked about:

  • Why we like MLMs
  • The LuLaRoe lawsuit
  • What questions to ask when considering a MLM or direct sales opportunity
  • How investing in an MLM is the same thing as investing in a business
  • How LuLaRoe consultants were affected
  • We went off on a tangent about social media marketing
  • The Direct Selling Association
  • Emily gets into the legal and financial stuff  you need to know around operating as an MLM or direct sales consultant
  • Alexa’s favorite make-up, BeautyCounter


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More about Emily

Emily is a legal consultant for purposeful female entrepreneurs who empowers her clients to actually understand the advice she gives them instead of leaving them more confused than when they started. She helps entrepreneurs to have common sense documents that will both protect their business and make total sense to everyone involved. Unlike perhaps every other lawyer ever, Emily charges on a project-based model (not by the hour or by the email) so that her clients can count on getting exactly what they need without developing a weirdly co-dependent relationship with their legal consultant. #justsayin

After serving as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles for ten years, and getting ever so slightly burnt out (please note sarcasm), Emily struck out on her own to pursue the glittery badassery that’s all her own. The women entrepreneurs she now empowers through her legal expertise appreciate her blunt, no-nonsense, get-shit-done approach that is coated in support and love. Coffee, DMX & Pokemon are her Love Languages and the impact she is committed to is to arm entrepreneurs with the legal knowledge they need in order to build their wealth.

Areas of focus & expertise:

Removing obstacles to success by legally securing your business

Small business online legal issues (copyright, intellectual property, legal formations)

Being a lawyer that’s NOT an asshole

Making the shift from professional to entrepreneur

Overcoming obstacles to successful entrepreneurship steeped in identifying with your job title.

Emily’s Website

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Ep 171- Red Flags with MLMs with Legal Expert, Emily D. Baker
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