Maria Fuller is the founder of Raising a Powerful Girl, and the mother of two daughters. Our conversation was all too relatable, as Alexa and Nancy are also raising daughters. How do we navigate the issues of self-image and self-worth in the #metoo era?


In this episode, we talked about:

  • How our individual experiences as kids affect us as adults
  • How we are influenced by the culture in which we are raised
  • Maria’s childhood nickname and how that made her feel
  • Raising daughters to be empowered and feel good about themselves
  • Maria’s app, Empowered Girl
  • Alexa’s interview on Maria’s show


More about Maria

Maria Fuller is the founder and thought leader behind Raising A Powerful Girl and the Empowered Girl Movement. Maria has spent nearly a decade working with women of all ages to help shed unhealthy beliefs and breakdown stereotypes surrounding pregnancy, motherhood, body image, self-esteem, parenting, women in leadership and much more and is a frequent speaker and presenter on women’s leadership, girls empowerment and the role social media and technology plays on girls self-esteem, confidence, and brain health.

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Ep 173 Raising A Powerful Girl with Maria Fuller
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