Sarah Hosseini

Sarah Hosseini


Sarah Hosseini is a writer and mother who sometimes shares the hilarious and uncomfortable truth.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Sarah’s mom life.
  • How Sarah started writing and how she had a career in writing before becoming a mom.
  • Writing and working with kids.
  • Sarah’s strategy in selling her writing and building a business around writing.
  • Being personal in her writing is the only way she knows how to write. Being personal with her writing is how she connects with her readers.
  • Sarah shares the story behind her viral articles “The Night I Gave my Husband a Free Pass” and “I Got Hemorrhoids While Pregnant.”
  • Her experience on The Doctors sharing her hemorrhoids story.
  • How Sarah keeps a work schedule, even during the summer. And how she handles the hard time of the day.
  • What time of the day Sarah cherishes the most.
  • What millennial motherhood looks like and Sarah’s book.
  • Defining motherhood in a new way is important to Sarah. She’s focusing on more self love in the book and giving a real look at what motherhood is really like.
  • Sarah’s favorite ways to give herself love and time to herself.

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More about Sarah:

Sarah Hosseini is a writer and a mother with the helpless tendency to tell the absolute, and sometimes, hilarious and uncomfortable truth. Her work can be found in Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Huffington Post and many more. Many of her articles about sex and swearing have gone viral. The UK’s Daily Mail profiled Sarah after she wrote a very candid article about losing her libido postpartum. Her horror stories of hemorrhoids during pregnancy landed her on popular daytime show, The Doctors. She loves the “F” word and oversharing. Sarah is currently writing a book about millennial motherhood. She hopes it will sell so she can pay for her kids’ future therapy bills.

Finding Sarah:

7 Reasons Moms Who Swear Are the BEST F*cking Moms – Pop Sugar

The Night I Gave My Husband a Free Pass – Scary Mommy

I Got Hemorrhoids While Pregnant – Cosmopolitan

Sarah Recently wrote a fantastic post about CRAZY questions people ask her about being married to a Middle Eastern man. Go read it!

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