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Nicole Cooley is a personal finance, money coach who helps others build the life they want.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Nicole started working on her business as a side business and didn’t quit her corporate job until she had her son.
  • How to cut back in a budget.
  • Sometimes saving money and spending money isn’t the only part of the budgeting equation.
  • Tips to save money.
  • How to manage your money and put systems in place to manage money.
  • How Nicole has viewed money differently since having her son.
  • Saving money for college and money tips for families.
  • Nicole’s difficult time of day and how she manages her time.
  • How Nicole likes have time alone.

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Nicole Cooley is a corporate drop out and new mama currently obsessed with sleep, green juice and planting her new garden. Her company Money With Moxie helps women align their spending to their value system and use money as a tool to design their ideal life.

Finding Nicole:

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