Richa Jain

Richa Jain

Richa Jain is a business strategist, a self-proclaimed techie and loves to help mom entrepreneurs.

“When women start a business, it’s so much more than a business.” – Richa

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Richa decided to move out of the corporate world.
  • Being financially independent was important for her in her transition to entrepreneurship and in her personal life.
  • Her light bulb moment into working with women as a business strategist and mindset coach.
  • How Richa handles being a single mother of her son, as well as a business owner.
  • Organization and how it’s key to motherhood.
  • How Richa starts to work with new clients and what her coaching practice looks like.
  • What Richa likes to do to for relaxation and taking care of herself.
More about Richa:

Richa Jain is fiercely compassionate Business Strategist & Mentor to Women Entrepreneurs. She helps women turn their expertise into a thriving online business. Part business strategist, part life coach, part spiritual maverick, Richa works with emerging and established women entrepreneurs, helping them design and build a business that is the truest expression of themselves.

After 13 years leading many cutting edge projects in the semiconductor software industry, and 2 technology patents, she opted out of the corporate world, to experience life on her own terms.

She how works from her home office, in the hills, helping women across the globe, turn their expertise into a thriving online business. Where they make money, doing work they love, pursuing their passions, working to their strengths, on their own terms.

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 Finding Richa:

The Richer Jane



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