Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson a mom of a mixed family of five and an editor.

Liz Thompson

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Her marriage and blended family of five.
  • What the marriage transition meant for working in corporate.
  • Raising teenagers.
  • How Liz decided to start a business in the midst of life transition.
  • Liz’s editing business and daily schedule.
  • How Liz handles her busy time of day.
  • Tips for areas to outsource from Liz.

More about Liz:

Liz Thompson is the founder and editor at House Style Editing, where she helps writers find and refine their voice so they can share their stories with the world.  Whether it is fiction, non-fiction, business or academic, Liz can help bring your story to life.

When she is not editing, Liz is home in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and blended family of 5 kiddos, and a one-eyed yorkie–either cooking, doing laundry, or wishing she was editing.
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