Lisa Nolan and Carolyn Wilhelm

Lisa Nolan

Lisa is a mom, writer, and blogger.

Carolyn is mom and grandmother as well as a lover of Montessori and education.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Writing the book Mom for the Holidays.
  • The behind the scenes to writing a book and publishing.
  • Time management over the holidays.
  • Being a grandma at the holidays.
  • Having a special needs child during the holidays.
  • Each Lisa, Carolyn and Alexa’s most memorable Christmas.

References for Lisa and Carolyn:

Lisa Nolan

More about Lisa:

Lisa Nolan tags herself as “a supermom with a second-hand cape and an empty glass of wine.” She is an educator, a writer, and an editor. Lisa Nolan resides in Northern California with her family, a chocolate Lab and two cats that get along superbly. You can find Lisa Nolan herding cats and eating chocolate.

More about Carolyn:

Carolyn is a wife, mom, and grandmother who loves education. The Wise Owl Factory has mostly free educational materials for parents, teachers, homeschools, libraries, and scout groups to use. Wise Owl Factory has been providing free educational materials online since 2008.

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