Allie Casazza

Allie is a minimalist and intentional mother who was tired of spending more time maintaining her house than spending valuable time with her children.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How to get out of survival mode as a parent.
  • How to find a way around spending all of your time maintaining your house.
  • The waves of minimalism and its continuous journey.
  • Asking yourself “When was the last time I really needed this?”
  • The hanger methods for minimalizing clothing in the closet.
  • Shifting your mindset to putting things where they belong.
  • Minimizing your hobbies and that “what if I wanted to do this?” thought process.

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More about Allie:

Allie Casazza is an intentional living coach, and the blogger behind The Purposeful Housewife. Her passion is helping her fellow women find hope and light and purpose when chaos has stolen their motherhood, and infusing them with intention. She believes motherhood and humor should always go hand-in-hand, otherwise you’ll never get through it.

Allie is the wife of Brian, her seventh-grade algebra partner turned sweetheart. They have four small kids, and they’re SoCal natives living in the beautiful Northwest corner of Arkansas.

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