Samantha Munoz

Sam is a mom, engineer, and author currently living in San Diego while her husband is stationed in Japan. She is the author of the book The Intentional Bookshelf: Parent with Literature and Build Your Unique Child’s Perfect Little Library.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Her background as an engineer and how she started a blog about books for children.
  • How to help parents pick the right types of books for your children.
  • How overwhelming the library can be for new moms and accidentally bringing home books that take a turn.
  • Wanting more out of our books for our children.
  • The difficulty of living without her husband and watching him miss some of the moments.
  • How to be intentional and including the other parent in decision and routine.
  • Having a routine and giving yourself time is so important.

Resources for Sam:

More about Sam

Samantha Muñoz is a mother, wife, engineer, bibliophile and avid coffee drinker. She is also the expert kid’s lit curator at Addison Reads and author of The Intentional Bookshelf. Sam writes children’s book reviews to guide parents as they search for the perfect books for their little ones and helps moms and dads build a library with a purpose. Once a seriously overwhelmed and stressed out parent herself, Sam turns to children’s literature for the answers to all of her parenting dilemmas. She lives in sunny San Diego, California but loves when it rains because it gives her an excuse to stay inside and read with her daughter!

Finding Sam:
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