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Shelly helps moms to create bite-sized and actionable ways to include healthy living into their lives.

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Poop – because mom’s talk about poop a LOT
  • Matcha latte’s being the magical unicorn drink for moms.
  • Drinking apple cider vinegar’s healthiness, but it is a rough adjustment.
  • How to live a balanced healthy life – without calculating the 80/20 constantly.
  • The slippery slope of eating sweets and how long the sugar craving lasts in your body.
  • “You can’t exercise away a bad diet.”
  • The need for muscles and weight training as moms.
  • The mindset to continue your healthy path after something like Whole 30.
  • Shelly’s own journey.
  • Changing eating habits for kids.
  • Her favorite energy ball recipe and a great way to make salty snacks healthier.
  • Working alongside her husband.
  • How she gets “me time” every week.

Resources for Shelly:

More about Shelly:

Known as The Healthy Habit Maker for her passion and expertise in how to make healthy habits stick, Shelly Robinson empowers purpose-driven women to shed unwanted pounds, skyrocket their energy, and reclaim their health once and for all. She believes that dieting is the road to insanity and that baby steps and grace are the keys to long-lasting weight loss.

When she’s not coaching, she’s snuggling her two kiddos, playing volleyball with her husband, watching Shark Tank, or sipping iced matcha lattes.

Finding Shelly:
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