Erin Kendall

Erin combined her love of fitness and online community to create a resource optimized for busy moms’ schedules and daily lives.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Being a work at home mom with a crazy schedule.
  • How summer schedules change everything.
  • Mom patience and how it fluctuates.
  • The way FitMomGo is optimized for all of the things that moms have to do and where they need the stability and endurance.
  • Taking time for self-care and alone time.
  • Planning out time to commit to your business is really important.
  • Video recording and editing tips.
  • Aubrey’s new goats and her hilarious stories about not being a cowgirl.

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Resources for Erin:

More about Erin:

Erin Kendall currently lives in San Diego, but is originally from Pennsylvania. She has been following her passion for fitness, family and perpetual optimism for over a decade. While she didn’t always value a healthy lifestyle, it’s something she can’t shake. Living in sunny San Diego, she utilizes the perfect climate to explore and enjoy the outdoors with her family year round. Erin is using her passion for bringing in-person and online fitness tools, community and resources to every mom, everywhere. Her mission is to prove that Moms deserve to take some “me time” while working on healthy habits so they can have more energy to keep up with their kids. She fell in love with the idea of sharing a healthy lifestyle while studying Exercise Science and Program Design at University of California, San Diego.

Finding Erin:

Listen to “Lose the Cape – Working Moms” on Spreaker.

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Erin Kendall Ep 85
Busy Modern Moms

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