Orion Talmay

Orion is a transformation coach guiding women toward their goddess selves.


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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Nourishing yourself and feeling self-love.
  • Her journey toward this through an abusive relationship.
  • Reclaiming her power.
  • What feminine power means to each of us.
  • Finding the balance between your masculine and feminine power.
  • What Orion’s Method is.
  • Keeping courage and not adjusting yourself to the people around you. You can’t grow that way.
  • The difference between low-vibe and high-vibe people in your life.
  • What shadow-work is and how to do it every day.
  • Her podcast, Stellar Life, an interview-based podcast.
  • The different and crazy self-realization things she has done.
  • The way our muscles and bodies work and why walking on coals is possible.
  • Daily routines that can help you tap into your power.

More about Orion

Orion Talmay is a transformation coach, love & relationship expert and an international speaker. She works with successful high achievers and helps them unleash their feminine power and become a magnet for conscious relationships and love. She is the founder of Orion’s Method and the host of the popular podcast Stellar Life. She helps women increase their energy level, develop a sexy confidence, ignite their passion and discover a sense of freedom, ease and flow. Orion’s Method is about combining physical, mental, sensual and spiritual aspects to create an integrated transformation. The Method dissolves blocks in the subconscious mind through NLP / hypnotic techniques, somatic techniques, advanced nutrition supplementation and biohacks. Orion is a world traveler who has studied under leading luminaries in personal development, health/wellness, spirituality, relationships and sexuality. She is a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University, and has studied under Dr. John Demartini, Brendan Burchard, Sheila Kelly, and Robert Allen. Her training also includes Landmark, Oneness University, Peak Potentials, Imago, Gottman Institute, and Speaking Empire which presented her with two awards. Formerly a certified personal trainer, Orion has earned certifications with the AAPT, KBA, and AFFA.

Finding Orion:

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