Today I’m really happy to share my friend Sarah Swofford with you all. Sarah is a Sex Educator. Her career started in DC as a rape counselor. She has also been an HIV health educator and taught sex education.

Sarah Swofford

Later she moved to MO and worked with at risk youth. She taught providers how to provide sex education resources for kids at risk for STDs.

After having her own baby, she started to wonder what was wrong with her – because she had no desire at all to have sex.

Listen to the podcast to find out what happened at a Mom’s group book club one night that led to her book: From Ouch to Ahhhh: The New Mom’s Guide to Sex After Baby.

from ouch to ahhh

From Ouch to Ahhh… is not prescriptive but it explains and normalizes why sex is so different as a new mom.

Sarah and I talk about a lot of different points in this interview. Now her children are older and she is focusing on better sex for moms across the board.

Speaking of children, I asked her about talking to kids about sex. Directness was her response. She recommends books by Robie H. Harris, such as this book: It’s So Amazing.

so amazing book

One question she’ll answer:

What is different for the moms who are having active sex lives?

Top Sex Tip:

Kegels. Do the kegels. 60 kegels a day throughout the day.

Sarah provides some other tips as well, so be sure to listen to the podcast!

Visit Sarah at her website: Sarah J. Swofford for more resources and information. You can also follow her on Facebook.


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