5 Pokémon Go Article Headlines Moms are Eagerly Anticipating

As a mother of a child obsessed with Pokémon Go or even as a mother who enjoys playing, there’s no denying the new app has swept the nation. Everywhere you go, teens are awkwardly pulling up in their vehicle, waiting a few seconds and pulling out, or kids are walking around with a phone in front of them constantly swiping up.

Pokémon Go

This new trend may seem annoying, but there’s actually been quite a few benefits among those who play the app. Many kids are getting outside, walking around and socializing unprompted by parents for the first time in a long while, and mothers of autistic children are saying the app is doing wonders for their kids’ social skills. Businesses are also using the app for positive, like this animal shelter asking players to walk dogs while they play. However, like with anything new, there have been some setbacks, too–one girl walking into traffic on a busy highway and a group taking advantage of a feature called “Lure Module” to try to trick/rob players. Luckily, both of these situations can be easily avoided.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]You can just imagine the headlines that are to come! Like “How I lost 50lbs playing Pokemon Go!” [/perfectpullquote]

Putting aside the benefits or downfalls of the app, one thing moms across the nation can get a good laugh or heartfelt feeling from will be the article headlines to come. Here are a few that I’m anticipating we’ll see in the very near future and am thoroughly looking forward to reading about.

1. How I Lost 50 lbs. Playing Pokémon Go

It’s a little comical that it takes an app, a Pokémon app at that, to get people out of their house and walking. I’ll be the first to admit that my walks have probably tripled with my kids since I’ve started playing. So, I can only imagine how many other, much more hardcore players are out there all day long walking around. Although it gives me a good chuckle, on a more serious note, this app has definitely created a much needed, healthier way to play games, and I’m grateful for this step (literally and metaphorically) in the right direction.

2. Teen Gets Lost Walking Around Large Subdivision

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Nowadays, subdivisions are huge, and when someone hasn’t fully explored the area, I’m sure it’s not hard to do. Luckily, the app is on a phone, and GPS, a phone call or text is readily available. Even so, I can guarantee someone’s phone has run out of battery while playing, and they’ve looked up to notice they have no idea where they are. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the story that comes with how this teen finds his/her way home.

3. How Pokémon Go Saves Moms from Walking the Dog

If only for this reason, I sometimes wish my kids were above toddler age. Fingers crossed, if this app is still a popular thing in a few years, a stipulation to my children playing will be taking the dog for a walk. Great time-saving tip, and the dog is benefiting from extra exercise, too.

4. Child Tries to Catch Real-Life Animal with Phone, Gets Attacked

Okay, maybe not that funny. But it’s a little funny, and we all know it’s bound to happen to someone at some point who will blame the app. Just as a PSA, if you think your child may not realize, do explain that catching animals in real life shouldn’t be attempted. No one wants to end up like the girl who walked in the middle of a busy highway because she “didn’t know any better” and ignored the opening app screen that prompts you to pay attention to your surroundings.

be alert

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5. How to Use Pokémon Go to Trick Your Husband into Running Errands

Wives and partners around the world, this one is by far my most favorite. I may actually be the one to write this article. From the day this app was released, I’ve gotten out of running an insane amount of errands. My husband now has incentive to pick up anything I may need: so he can stop at a few PokeStops and maybe catch a couple Pokémon on the way. It is so great. In passing, I mention something that we need, and he generally quickly offers to go get it. If that doesn’t work, I simply follow up my statement with some Pokémon Go prompting and incentive. Another bonus for me, because I also play the app, is stocking up on items for the app while I’m out running errands, too AND even going on PokeDates (i.e. a date with my husband to catch Pokémon). You can laugh all you want, but I’m making it a thing.

What Pokémon Go article headlines have you chuckled at lately?