Meet Our Social Media Sponsor: Safety Sister

Safety Sister, LLC specializes in safety education for women. Brittany Moore, the owner, founder, and safety educator with a background in psychology and health education has a firm belief that in safety, not enough emphasis is put on the education, awareness, and prevention aspect. As a 5’1″ woman, all the self-defense techniques and training in the world would make it hard for me to fight off a 250 pound man, which is why awareness and prevention are the keys to safety.
safety education for women
College brings about a lot of life changes and some scary statistics. Women between the ages of 18-24 are at a 3-4 times elevated risk of sexual assault. A college with a population of 10,000 can have up to 350 reported sexual assaults each year. Nothing the victim does, says, wears, or doesn’t do will ever make them at fault as the assailant is the ONLY one to blame. With that being said, bad and evil people exist, so we need to do what we can to educate and protect ourselves through awareness and prevention.
Our “College Safety for Women” e-course focuses on sexual assault education, red flags of dangerous relationships, using your intuition, securing your living space, safety around campus, mass shooting safety tips, and much more.
safety education for women
Additionally, Safety Sister is currently part of a fundraiser to raise money for a victim of domestic abuse to help she and her family cover the moving expenses. 100% of our proceeds from now until 6/20 will go directly to this cause. Learn more about the fundraiser here.
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