Sibling Day (It’s No Fair)

OK, so sibling day was yesterday, but we don’t usually post on Sundays, so… you get your dose of sibling day magic today! 🙂

sibling day

I worry occasionally when I look at my youngest daughter that there was some kind of mix-up. Like I know that she belongs in our family, but I wonder if she maybe should have been my brother’s kid instead of mine.

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That sort of boils down to that whole saying about getting the child that you were to even things out (karma and all that jazz.) The thing is I was (and still am) quite an angel. Therefore you would think that my children would follow suit. They are pretty good kids, but there are times I see a little bit of my less angelic brother in them.

Let me give you an example.

The other day I was driving to my daughter to daycare. I peeked back in my review mirror and saw/heard her singing to her baby doll to go to sleep. Then a couple minutes later I saw her dancing her baby to the music. Still a couple minutes later I look back and can you imagine my surprise when I see her taking her babies hand and making her hit herself.


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Yes, she was saying “quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself!” while doing it. Now she most certainly did not get this behavior from me. And I don’t want to place blame here. Sure, it could be our fault for purchasing her a doll that had arms that could reach to punch its own face (we won’t make that mistake again.) I am leaning a different way for blame placing. You will probably figure it out by the end here.

A second example you politely request?

I just so happen to be able to provide that to you. Whilst playing outside at my folk’s house with my oldest when she was about 2 years old. I assumed that all parties were having a good time. Suddenly my dear, sweet daughter tells me to chase her around the house. She stops at the back and says “You wait here.”

To make a long story short: She ditched me. A little later she is teaching us all a “game.” The game is that she has my mom, dad and herself line up in a straight line across from me. She hands everyone a pebble and says “Now throw like this.” People it was like a staring into a firing squad. There was no mercy in their eyes. I kid- no one hit me with a rock. Luckily that child at the time couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. I kept the tears at bay while I flash-backed to my childhood.

In closing I am not sure how I ended up with additional” big brother” figures in my life, but I’m fairly sure it is not fair. Next they’ll be giving me noogies and putting toothpaste in my oreo’s. This is not how it was supposed to be. I was the “good” one. Come on! If he gets good kids like me, I’m going to be totally cheesed off.

Happy Sibling Day! I hope karma has smiled upon you, like it has so far done for my brother.

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