Small changes – don’t get immediate results

I came out swinging hard last month. I was bound and determined to get my life back in order, and I was going to chronicle that journey with you. I think that was on about May 5th. Yes, it was, because it was one month after my father died.

I thought I’d be posting weekly blog posts and sharing daily in the Your Mom Squad Facebook group, or going live on the Facebook page, or something. But none of that happened.

Because LIFE happened.

The end of the school year came upon me like I hadn’t been expecting it for 9 months and we got busy. Summer basketball started, work stayed busy, despite my efforts to bring it under control and take on less work. The good news is that I AM taking on less work. The bad news is that I am still working too darn much. Balance shmalence.

I’m still creating a healthy lifestyle – slowly!

But, despite my lack of communication about it, I HAVE actually been making small changes.

I came into it realizing this time that, while I have had fantastic results with programs like the Whole 30 (over 15 lbs weight loss each time!) it’s not easy to do and it consumes my whole life. And I want to be able to enjoy myself this summer. The kids are home, we’re going to cookouts and events and I don’t want to be the person hiding in the corner with my bag of celery, sad that I can’t enjoy an adult beverage with my friends.


I decided to tackle the things I knew I could ADD to my life to make me healthier and also removed one big thing.

I’ll start with that.

What I Nixed

I removed Gluten. Again. For some people, that one change is enough to make significant improvements in their world. It does help me feel better, no doubt. And it’s just bad, bad, bad for a healthy gut, for any of us. It also helps me significantly reduce white flours which reduces naughty things.

It’s not so hard now because I’ve gone gluten free before. But I knew I wouldn’t be successful if I tried to eliminate gluten AND every other bad thing.

So, the gluten went.

I realize after a month of eating gluten-free that gluten definitely contributed to my joint pain and inflammation, but clearly isn’t the sole cause. One month later and it’s reduced, but not gone. I know that sugar will have to go next. I’ve already started reducing it significantly. And then, probably dairy. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

What I Added

Lots of water! I only drink unsweetened tea and water now. 90% of the time. On the weekend I allow myself some adult beverages. I’m trying to stick to Hard Seltzer Water, because it’s low in calories, only has like 2 grams of sugar, and is refreshing.

I added a daily probiotic. I understand that the root of almost all of our health issues starts with a healthy gut. So I’m working on that.

More activity. I’m committed to trying to hit my 10,000 steps every day, which is harder than it sounds. We go to Orange Theory Fitness one night a week for a total kick your ass workout, and I’m trying to do more on the other six days of the week.

More sleep. This is hard cause there is SO MUCH TO DO. But I’m trying to have eyes shut by 10:30. It doesn’t always happen.

I’ve also been trying out the Aaptiv app. I don’t know about you, but music always motivates me to get moving, and this is a workout app that is music-driven.  I’m still on the 30 day trial, which you can sign up for too, at


I know that’s all anyone really cares about.

I’m down a whopping 4 lbs. Nothing to sneeze about. But it’s four POUNDS of fat I didn’t carry before, so I’m trying to remember that if I can lose four pounds every month, in a year I’ll be down FORTY EIGHT of those suckers. That’s worth writing home about! I have a sneaking suspicion that when I totally eliminate dairy and add more veggies and movement, the scale will budge faster.

My skin looks amazing. Thank you water! (and reduction in crap)

I have more energy.

I feel better about life in general.

My anxiety is lessening. This is a result of all of our lifestyle changes.

So… I’m getting somewhere.

What about you? Have you decided you’re ready to change? You can do this… one small step at a time to a healthy lifestyle.

Just replace sodas with water. See what happens. I dare you. If you don’t drink soda, stop eating gluten.

Let me know what happens! Join us in the Your Mom Squad Facebook group for discussions and healthy lifestyle tips!




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