Why I Spend Every Night Taking My Kids To Sports


Some people think I’m crazy to be running around every night of the week to take my children to their sports.  Our calendar is quite packed I will admit, often with my husband and I travelling in two different directions.  We have four children (three who are involved in sports activities currently).  In the winter it is Rep hockey for our boys and gymnastics for our daughter.  In the spring/summer it is Rep baseball and regular baseball for our son, soccer and karate for our other son, and horseback riding and soccer for our daughter.  I know some of you may be wondering why on earth we schedule so many things and how on earth do we do it?  And perhaps the biggest question of all, why?

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In defense of the crazy schedule, here are some reasons why I spend every night taking my children to sports:

  • They LOVE it.  I mean, LOVE it.  Otherwise, what is the point?  When your child loves a sport, (take hockey for example), you share their passion.  I never watched hockey or played hockey before my son took an interest.  He can’t get enough of hockey! He cannot wait to hit the ice.  He cannot wait until his next game.  Now, neither can I. He loves to play and I love to watch him play.  His enthusiasm for the game has rubbed off on his younger brother who now plays as well.  Why would I not give our children the opportunity to love something with such passion, and to make them so happy?

My children’s happiness is my top priority.

  • The friendships they make.  Our one son was a little more reserved when it came to making new friends.  Through hockey, soccer, and karate he has developed new friendships and gained confidence in trying new things.  He loves being part of a team with children who enjoy the same things he does.  He belongs.
  • Work ethic and responsibility to others.  My husband just asks that our children work hard for their team and give their best effort.  He encourages them all to never quit, and to give their best effort always.   They learn quickly the value of teamwork. He wants them to learn responsibility as well and the reward for working hard for your team.  These are lessons they learn through sports that we hope they will carry into the future.
  • They are learning.  It is incredible to see how fast they can “pick up” a new sport or a new skill.  I can’t even remember the first five moves in my child’s karate kata, but he memorizes it with ease and executes with precision.
  • They are being physically active.  I think if we didn’t have them enrolled in sports, our children would be stuck on their electronic devices all the time.  Being in sports is opportunity for physical activity.  Hopefully, the love for their sports is just the beginning of a healthy life involving physical activity.
  • They never cease to amaze me.  They are young and energetic.  They are having so much fun and learning so many things.  They are so happy playing their sports.

As long as I continue to see that look of pure joy on their faces, I will continue to take them to their sports every night of the week.