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The Lose the Cape! Podcast is growing at a rapid rate! We’re introducing a very low introductory sponsorship program to help defer some of the costs of running the show AND to help bring you more exposure and potential clients! Who is our demographic?

Working moms

Female entrepreneurs

Moms who are active in their communities

Moms interested in social action and politics

With your help, our books sales are up. Which only means I have plans to write more.. Thank you thank you thank you. I believe in what you’re doing. I  believe you are making a difference with parenting in this crazy world. I believe you are making it a better place.

Lisa Cox

Children's Book Author

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Two Spots Per Month

1 month, 3 month or 6 month options

  • A 30-second ad spot that will run 1 time per week (you will be the SOLE sponsor)
  • Sidebar Listing
  • Weekly promotion on our Facebook Page, Twitter Account, and Instagram Account (we boost posts on Facebook for more exposure)
  • A featured mention in our weekly email
  • Your logo on our homepage
  • Dedicated blog post about YOU and your business

Social Media Sponsors

This plan is ideal for promoting a specific product or event. 

  • For $50, we will promote your specific offering on all of our social media outlets for 2 weeks
  • You will receive a featured mention in our newsletter for 2 weeks
  • Sidebar Listing
  • Optional: You may provide a blog post about your product or event. 

Access Sponsors

Access sponsors help support Lose the Cape’s mission to be truly inclusive. Starting in February 2019, transcripts will be provided for all new podcast episodes. In addition, the LTC is working hard to make our site and social media platforms optimized for screen readers for the bling.

For $20 a month,

  • Access Sponsors will get a shout-out on our social media
  • A mention in our show notes for each episode published in the month of sponsorship. (Generally, we produce 3-4 episodes a month.)
  • A Thank You in our Instagram and Facebook Stories

We are regularly reaching 1500+ downloads each month and continuing to grow. 


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