St. Patrick’s Day No Sew Tshirt

I have really tried to make an effort as a mother to do cutesie things for my girls. Trust me when I say it is way outside of my comfort zone, but I still want to try. Over the years I have really struggled with my role as a stay at home mom in the sense that I am not good at doing a lot of “mommy” things. I see other moms engaging with their children and coming up with creative activities that would never even cross my mind to try. Which is okay. We are all different and have our strengths and weaknesses. Being the crafty mom is not me.

Most of the time.

However, when I can pull something off, I really enjoy it. Like this adorable St. Patrick’s Day No-Sew t shirt.

This post was inspired by a post on the Houston City Moms Blog. I thought the Valentine’s Day No Sew onesie was so cute, I thought that it would be a great idea for St. Patrick’s Day as well!

St. Patrick’s Day No Sew Tshirt

It’s really very easy, and you need just a few supplies:


A variety of materials (can be just remnants)

A pattern of your choice (shamrock, etc.)

Heat-N-Bond ULTRA hold. (If you use light, you will need to use paint or sew around the edges)



T-shirt or Onesie


Now let’s get started…

1. Trace Your Pattern

I googled “Shamrock” and found one I liked. Printed the shamrock, cut it out, and we set to work tracing on the Heat-N-Bond. We traced a variety of sizes by freehand. You want to make sure you trace on the paper side.


2. Cut out your pattern

Cut about 1/2 inch around the outside of your pattern. You’re going to want a little extra when you iron onto the material. It does not matter if it is cut out perfectly, because you will cut along the pattern edges once you’ve ironed it onto the material. If you don’t want the material to be too stiff, you can cut out the center of the pattern as well.


3. Iron on to the WRONG side of the material.

Follow the directions on the packet for ironing and make sure you’ve ironed to the wrong (or “ugly”) side of the material.

4. Cut carefully around the edges of the pattern.


Cut around the pattern and then peal off the paper backing.


5. Arrange the pieces and iron on per the package directions

(But not while your child is wearing the shirt!)

Enjoy your final product!

St. Patrick's Day No Sew Tshirt

I am by no means a “crafty” person, so if I could pull this off, I am quite certain just about anyone can!

Good luck! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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