Summer is awesome…if you’re a kid!

I used to love summer as a kid. I think I spent every day at the local pool swimming for hours on end.  I would bike up town on my banana seat bike with my friends or sometimes on my own knowing my friends would be there.

I had no worries, no stress, no responsibilities (except remembering to bring my towel home) and life was fun!

summer fun

Summer Fun

Every day I found something to do with my friends and found joy in the simple things. I would play outdoors with the kids from my block until my Mom yelled out the door that it was time to come in.  We had fresh-picked strawberries and ice-cream and treats and life was just grand. Summer was awesome.  I was so happy.

I am finding that as an adult, summers are not as fun. My days now include responsibilities, stress, worry, and a full-time job.  I do not have the entire summer to do whatever I please.

I have a managerial job, limited vacation days, children to care for… I am starting to sound a lot like a whiny kid here.  Kids don’t know how good they have it! My days at the pool now consist of supervising my children on deck with my baby who won’t yet go in the water because it is too cold.  I don’t have the privilege of waking up when I feel like it, then wondering what kind of adventure awaits me for the day. No-one cooks for me and provides for me and ensures I have fun activities for the day ahead.  I am an adult and I have to show up to work.

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Oh, to be a kid again!

My boys just spent the day with their Grandpa and Nana while I was working.  I’m pretty confident they were spoiled rotten and I know they had a lot of fun on their new slip’n’slide.  My oldest loafed around the house, probably slept in and then spent hours on her iPad. What I would give to trade in my adult life for just one day of no responsibilities.  I would love to have someone plan a day of fun for me and a day where I had no worries, and no-one to be responsible for but myself.

water fight summer fun

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?  My inner child is screaming to jump right in and join them.

After all my whiny rant is over, I am actually really glad my children are having fun because this is their time.  They are making memories of summer fun time and will hopefully look back fondly on their days.  After all, summer is supposed to be fun for kids!  I guess I had my fun when I was younger and now I’m trying to make sure my children are having fun.  They need to cram in all the summer awesomeness they can because soon enough they will be adults whining about how they wish they were kids again.