Summer schedule for kids

Summer schedule for kids

I am not organized at all. I try my best, but it is just not a skill that is innate.Β  I am also one to become quickly involved in my own projects. So I was worried about starting the summer with three kids, ages 6, 3, and 1 at home, plus my 6 year old nephew on many days.

(The very fact that I have a summer schedule laid out for my kids should concern some of you that I have been kidnapped and replaced by an intruder!)

The 6 and 3 year old have been in school, and they are used to structure and activity. Plus, it took a long time for us to get Nayner Bug writing, and I do not want to back track on that.

An email from the blog 5 Minutes for Moms with ideas for activities for the summer asked if we had been busy with summer routines. This made me think – hmm, maybe I should have a summer routine?

I turned to my pal Google, which directed me to a ton of great resources. My favorite is the IHeartOrganizing blog. She provides free printables (as seen in the lovely picture above) and great suggestions as well. I combined her sample schedule with a couple of other sample schedules I found out there, and put together ours. I also use her printable “Peek At the Week” so that I can compare any big activities going on during the week, use the menu planning section, and jot down notes on big projects that need to get done that week.

So, I sat down last night, printed things out, made my plan, and crossed my fingers.

And lo and behold, when I implemented today, it has been smooth sailing! My son (6 year old) is so used to a schedule of this nature, that he has just rolled right into it. It probably helped that I sat down with him last night and told him what our new schedule would be. It also helps that his Kindergarten teacher sent home a daily packet of writing, reading, and math suggested work and prepped them that they would continue on with those.

So, want to see our schedule?

Our Daily {Non-Camp Week} Summer Schedule for Kids



This schedule may look really rigid, but it can be very flexible. For example, this morning we went to the library when it first opened, got signed up for the summer reading program and checked out books. Then we came home and rolled right into story and writing time and since I inadvertently left out 9:30-10:00, we were outside playing by 10! And our world will not end if we skip an activity or two on a day.

Some of the activities do not take as long as I gave them time for, so my son was able to play Wii for 20 minutes, and I let them watch one show on ETV between lunch and quiet time. Everybody was content.

Right now, the baby is napping, the 6 year old is quietly in his room, and amazingly, after a few re-directions, the 3 year old is quietly in her room, and I have some free time too. WHAT?

I feel somewhat like a superhero right now! I am rocking (DAY ONE) of the summer schedule for kids!

The schedule has also been good for me. It has kept me on track of the things I let build up, like dishes, working in the garden (that’s what the kids and I did during play time) and keeping the laundry going.

We actually have something each day that will get us out of the house and cause us to do a little bit of adjusting, but if we can even mostly stick to this schedule, I think we will have a happy and fun summer.

Oh, I forgot to mention – Fridays will be Free Fridays – movies, parks, fun stuff. But I will still get in at least 30 minutes of reading and writing.

Camp weeks – there are three weeks in the summer when the kids will spend the morning in camps. Those afternoons will include quiet time, reading, writing, and outside time.

Do you have a summer schedule for kids, or do you like to just wing it?

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