Taking a Trip

Our family took a weekend trip away on Easter weekend for our son’s hockey tournament.  We took our four children plus our daughter’s best friend. The kids had a lot of fun but I am exhausted.  Taking a trip is not as fun when you are an adult.  I think it has a lot to do with the amount of responsibility that falls on the parents, or in this case, me.  For example:

My list of responsibilities before we even leave the house:

  • call to arrange hotel room
  • do laundry
  • Pack all 6 suitcases (including husband and all things baby will need for weekend)
  • arrange for dog to go to boarding kennel for weekend
  • buy snacks for room
  • search directions to hotel and arenas
  • get gas
  • go to ATM
  • do a quick cleaning of van
  • load all suitcases in van
  • make arrangements with the Easter Bunny to have treats set out when we get home
  • try to keep sanity while children run around with excitement

My husband’s responsibilities before leaving:

  • Drive dog to kennel
  • Buy liquor

The children’s responsibilities before leaving:

  • Nag mom about when we are leaving
  • Look up what hotel pool looks like on the internet
  • Fight about seating arrangements in the van
  • Run around the house with extra hyper excitement

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Now I realize the effort made by my parents to ensure everything went smoothly and my sister and I had fun.  I am thankful for all the times they took us on trips and I remember the joy, excitement and all the fun we had as children.  Now I am trying to give my children the same experience.  Although exhausted, I am happy that our children had fun.  It is just that at times like these, I wish I was a kid again.