Lose the Cape is a place for moms who want to change the world

Lose the Cape was born in 2014 as the brainchild of Alexa Bigwarfe and Kerry Rivera. Two overstretched, busy moms who knew that we can’t all be super moms. And that’s okay.

In 2018, Lose the Cape began to grow into a space for moms with a passion and a desire to effect change. Alexa realized that moms and social activism go hand in hand, because as moms, we always want to make the world a better place for our children. Moms have voices, and they are putting them to good use!

The Lose the Cape Podcast is a show for moms who are committed to making an impact in the world. This is our story of personal journeys through hardship and challenges and how we take those to make the world better. We support mothers. We talk about current events, stories of interest, and the hard stuff that make us “real”. We are moms determined to make the world a better place – a place where moms support each other and judge LESS. We hope to open up dialogue, make you think about topics in a new way, introduce you to people you might never connect with, and show your children how to be future leaders.

Want to read up on tips, tools, resources, and advice from other moms? Check out the blog, where we have a team of regular bloggers and a bunch of guest contributors. These moms provide a wide variety of opinions and viewpoints on motherhood.




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The Lose the Cape Team

Alexa Bigwarfe, Creator and Podcast Host

Alexa is a mother to 3 wildlings, author, publisher, writer-entrepreneur, and podcaster. Her writing career began after her infant daughter passed away at 2 days old. She has co-authored & published three volumes dedicated to imperfect parents who need a little encouragement, and is working on the 4th through the Lose the Cape! brand. She and Lose the Cape! podcast co-host feature busy moms who are passionate about making a difference in the world as we also navigate the #struggleofthejuggle. She owns her own publishing house, Kat Biggie Press, and a children’s book publishing company, Purple Butterfly Press – both which are dedicated to bringing stories of hope, inspiration, encouragement, and girl-power to the world.

Nancy Cavillones, Managing Editor and Podcast Co-Host

Nancy is an entrepreneur’s best friend and is on a mission to keep bloggers and small business owners sane  by handling the minutiae of their online presence. She’s been online in some form or other since 1993, and still has the AOL dial-up tone stuck in her head. She enjoys taking the scenic route, forcing her kids to appreciate nature, and spending time in New York City by herself in a desperate attempt to recapture her college days. Nancy recently relocated to Northern California with her family, where she hopes sweater weather exists.  Nancy blogs at The Real Nani, and recently published a story in Holl and Lane Magazine about her cochlear implant experience.

Bree Kauzlarich, Community Manager
Bree is passionate about supporting creative people conquering their big dreams. She takes big and little tasks off their plates allowing them to spread their wings and fly. When not behind the computer she can be found chatting up people in garden nurseries, geeking-out on plants and working in her garden. Bree is a dog mom and one of the few Seattle natives left.

Elizabeth Schroeder, Social Media Content Curator
Liz is a jack-of-all-marketing-trades, with experience in event planning, print media, digital marketing, social media, and more. She currently spends her days working in the marketing department of a sustainability-focused nonprofit. Outside of work, she is a dessert lover, bookworm, sometimes yogi, and recovering coffee addict. Most importantly, she is a mom to a sweet and stubborn two-year-old daughter and, temporarily, a teenage Italian boy through foreign exchange. Elizabeth was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, where she still lives happily, despite all the snow.

Raewyn Sangari, Instagram Unicorn

With soul talks, girl dates and coffee fueling her soul, Raewyn is the founder of Shield Sisters Initiative, an online community for female entrepreneurs seeking support on prioritizing self-love and a positive mindset. Vulnerable and strong  are two words often used to describe her. She’s raw and real because being something else is not as much fun! Raewyn is a mama bear to a strong-willed Warrior Queen toddler and wife to her high school best friend. For over 10 years, Raewyn has mentored girls and women, empowering them to embrace self-love. Through connection and community, our self-love can thrive. When we are supported in our pursuits, we uplevel in every way possible.


Kerry Rivera, Co-Author

Kerry is a full-time working mom of three kids with a to-do list that stretches to “infinity and beyond.” Between a demanding corporate gig, the nightly homework and kids’ activities, and managing a household with her full-time working husband, she blogs about the “juggle”. Her career journey started in the newsroom trenches and has since transitioned to working for one of the largest global automotive companies. She additionally writes for corporations, government agencies and brands in her “spare” time, and especially enjoys sharing the joys of modern parenthood around the web. Her love for content creation is only trumped by her love for content consumption. Her Kindle and nightstand are equally full, and a stack of magazines can be found in every room of the house. As a Southern California native, she takes advantage of the outdoors, enjoying both the beaches and mountains with family and friends, and loves to caffeinate with Starbucks Refreshers and Coke. She aspires to perfect a handstand in yoga, but is still working on touching her toes.


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