The Puppy’s Ear


“Mama. The puppy’s ear won’t go down.”

These are the words I hear at 430 am on a Wednesday. Though, really does it matter what day of the week it was? It clearly was not going to be “my morning.” It was one of the mornings that happen quite often where a three year old refuses to accept reality. I am sure you have had them at your house.

If I’m being honest- I wish you would keep them at your house going forward. Can we make that a deal? I can’t hear you saying “no” through the computer, so I’m going to assume you agreed to this. No take backsies.

Now let’s get into the puppy. The puppy was not a real puppy. This should relieve you a little bit. However it was a stuffed animal that has been around for probably two years. Do you know how often in that two years the ear would go down? 0 times. The ear never went down because that wasn’t how it was made.

I tried to explain this to Nina (the aforementioned 3 year old.) She wasn’t really having it. She just wanted it down. And she just wanted to repeat that sentence until it happened. It wasn’t going to happen. The sentence was repeated a lot.

I am not a morning person. I mean I do what I have to, but if I had a choice I would get back the high school days of sleeping until noon and I wouldn’t even care about your judgments. This is where Nina and I are a bad match at the moment. Nina is one of those infamous kids that no matter what time she goes to bed, she awakes at the same time. The same time or earlier.

Any way as she continued to loudly protest the puppy being made the way it was made, she got herself more and more cheesed at the nerve of the dog. As she got cheesed I began to think about trying to do anything I could to get her to stop. So the next time she mentioned it I said

“How about instead of trying to change the way puppy is, we love him and his ear the way are. The way God made all of us. Like Christina said You Are Beautiful words can’t bring you down.”

I wish I could tell you that worked. I wish that I could tell you that she realized the beauty in all the things of the world and especially the beauty in sleeping. That would be a lie.

She did continue until right about 3 minutes until my alarm went off and then while I got ready for work, she slept like an angel. An angel with a puppy that had an ear up.

She hasn’t mentioned the puppy’s ear again, so may haps she did learn something. It’s far more likely that it will come up on a Tuesday or Thursday in the future when she is looking for an excuse to not go to sleep. May the force be with me at that time. I am not above singing Christina Aguilerra. Nobody wants that, but I’m not scared to do it.