The Road Trip Play List

It’s summertime, which means we’re traveling… right? I love this road trip play list put together by Mandy! Enjoy!

road trip playlist

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of taking my two daughters (3 and 5) on a small road trip. The trip was about an hour long, so very small by most standards. We went to visit some new little baby nuggets that had been added to the family and to reunite with the older cousins that we love so much. I had been looking forward to the trip because I was excited to go see family. I made a road trip play list before we went to surprise the girls with some of their favorite music on the way.

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I share with you now “The Road Trip Play List:”

1) Honey, I’m Good- Andy Grammer

Small fact- I didn’t realize that there was a curse word in this one. I was soothed into the whimsy of the square dancelike feel of the music and then all the sudden “ASS” came through loud and clear. The girls didn’t seem to notice, but going forward I have an urgent question that requires me to shout over this part.

2) Fight Song. Rachel Platten

This has become my 3 year old’s anthem and there are actions. There are intimidating faces made while singing. The only way to describe this is larger-than-life.

3) Blank Space Taylor Swift

They were pretty psyched when this came on. Some gasps of surprise. No one can blame them it’s the Tay-tay-a-nator. No one is immune (see her tour guests for evidence.) This point they began to realize all the songs are ones they know.

4) I Run To You Lady Antebellum

My little ladies love Lady Antebellum. This particular song they love to sing and whenever it says “Run to You” they point to me, and I point to them. There is nothing that makes them happier and really nothing that makes me happier.

5) Just Give Me a Reason Pink

They sing their hearts out to Pink. Frankly I think Pink is one of the best role models for girls. I love that they love her. And they nail this song as if they have had broken hearts.

6) Lookin’ for a Good Time Lady Antebellum

Well that one seems like an odd choice. However they like it, and I like it. No curse words, it’s a winner in my book.

7) Picture to Burn Taylor Swift

What? How lucky can we be with this – it’s the 5 year old’s favorite song.

8) Shake It Off Tayor Swift

Here we go with an up beat one. Time to car dance. Whoot, whoot! Bankers gonna bank. I know that isn’t the line, but it should be added.

9) Strange Sight KT Tunstall

3 year old freaks out!! She yells “Mom, these are all of our favorite songs!!!” She gets it now. Sure, it took a little longer than I thought. She smiles and sings her favorite song from the Tinkerbell movies.

10) Try Pink

Power Ballads. I love them. I could not be more out of tune and I believe they requested at this point that I be the drummer, but I pretended not to hear them. I know that they don’t understand all that the words mean in this, but I hope some day they do.

11) Who I am Natasha Bedingfield

Tinkerbell is a staple in our house and the music always hits me right in the soft spot of my heart (it’s all a gooshy mess, so maybe that isn’t hard.) The girls’ voices are so sweet singing the messages.

12) 22 Taylor Swift

OK so obviously Swiftilicious is a staple in this house. What can I say? These girls have taste.

I guess I only share this with your because well I think the road trip nowadays sometimes gets to be more about getting from point a and to point b. And I found on this day in this time I enjoyed the journey too. After hearing for years that life is about the journey. In this one hour in this one afternoon it finally made sense.