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Today, we’re so happy to feature Joanna from Motherhood and Merlot. We came across each other on Facebook (social media makes the best matches!) and I gushed that she “had me at Merlot!” We bonded, and before I knew it, she became our site’s first guest blogger. Isn’t she adorable? And her girls are too cute. She is talking about one of my favorite topics – and seemingly unachievable goals – BALANCE.

Take it away, Joanna!

Balancing Motherhood with Everything Else

Hi there! I could not be more excited to be a guest blogger here on Lose the Cape! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

We have all had the thought cross our minds when we try to add something else into our busy lives that is for us and us alone. For myself, it was continuing with my education even after I had children.

Has anyone else been there? It is a tough and scary situation, trying to sort out priorities with the balance of going after our own goals and things we want to accomplish.

I see this quote floating around for time-to-time that says,”Yes, I am a stay at home mom. Go ahead, ask me what I do all day.” I have gotten this in my own life from people who truly don’t understand what it takes to be a SAHM or a career mom balancing work with her family.

Recently, my husband was home for a week and a half vacation. He normally works a 6-6 job, 5 days a week, so he really isn’t around during the week to see the… wonderful chaos that occurs when you are a stay-at-home parent. He was, needless to say, extremely worn down by the end of his vacation.

I am a stay-at-home-mom to two little princesses, both under three years old. Needless to say, it can be chaotic at times.

busy moms - Joanna

They are wonderful little beings but they are a handful as well. Not to mention, I am a full-time student getting my Master’s degree, my husband works full-time so everything at home falls to me, and I also have another full-time gig in this website (although this is pure enjoyment for me!)

I have had people ask me how I do everything; how I manage to keep up with my classwork with two little ones in toe, if it’s all worth it, if I feel like I am compromising my time with my family for other things that I am pursuing… the list goes on.

My family has and will always come first and foremost, no matter else I have on my plate. However, I do have ambitions for myself as every should. We don’t have to forgo the things that we enjoy and what we want to accomplish just because we have a family. Who made that rule?

Now, we all know that it isn’t easy and it takes some maneuvering to make everything work and get things done. I want to share some of the things that have really helped me get my life in order and accomplish all the things that I need/want to. Sharing the love, that’s what it is all about!

  • Having a schedule, even if it is just something noted in a planner, will really help sort out the things that need to get done for the week. Sometimes, I’m sure especially as kids get older and get more involved in activities, things get crazy! With that, plus fitting in all of our personal things which for me of course include school work and spreading my words of love to you all (Where are my fellow mom bloggers at??? I know you can comment on this!), just penciling in a reminder of the things in the upcoming weeks will really save some stress!
  • Don’t take on too much, but also don’t think you can’t do other things besides parenting. I posted last week about not going at mommyhood alone, and it is so true! We can’t take on the world and still keep our sanity, especially not alone! But we as women need to empower one another in the fact that we can go for our own goals even after we have our kiddos. It can be scary to think about taking on a new venture in work or school or personal growth when we have kids to take care of. However, IT IS POSSIBLE!!! Go for it!

Any woman has the ability to have it all, because “having it all” is a unique definition for everyone! Finding your own balance in the things that you want as an individual is all that matters. It isn’t about what the rest of society sees and judges as an “accomplishment”.

Live it up ladies! Go for something that scares you or seems like it can’t be done with all the other madness in your life. I bet you will find a way to make it work, we always do!

Please comment letting me know some of the ways that you all “keep it together” in terms of balancing this crazy life with your wonderful kiddos!

*Cheers to having it all, whatever that all may be*


About the Author: Joanna Clute is owner and author of www.Motherhoodandmerlot.com. Wife to Mike and Mother of two amazing girls, Emmalee and Gracelynn (both under 3 years old). Homemaker and a student, working towards her Masters degree as a professional therapist.She currently resides in Arizona. Strong believer in motherhood, empowering other women, and the power of a good glass of wine!

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