Tips And Tricks For Pregnant Women

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Tips And Tricks For Pregnant Women

Tips And Tricks for pregnant women, including pregnancy advice and what to eat when you're pregnant.

When you have a busy schedule it can be difficult to take care of yourself properly, but pregnancy is the ideal time to do this, in order to ensure you will have a healthy baby and a pregnancy without problems. You can follow some simple tips and tricks that will show you how to eat, sleep and exercise and also what you should avoid until birth.

See a doctor

The first thing you need to do after finding out that you are pregnant is to see your doctor, as she is the only one that can supervise your pregnancy from the beginning and help you schedule all the tests and ultrasounds that will be required.

Balanced meals

Eating healthy foods is very important during pregnancy, so try to have a balanced diet and eat well. Vegetables and fruits are essential, so try to eat them at least five times a day. Fibers are also good for your diet and you can find them in wholegrain products that are rich in carbohydrates. Proteins should also be on your daily menu and you can get them from lean meat, dairy foods, eggs and fish. Apart from proteins, fish is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D, and this is what makes it essential for the proper development of the baby’s nervous system. However, you don’t have to eat more food or choose products that contain extra calories. Choose healthy snacks whenever you feel like you lack energy or get hungry.

Healthy supplements

Even if you have a balanced diet, supplements can help you get the perfect amount of certain minerals and vitamins that you need during pregnancy. Most supplements for pregnant women are rich in folic acid and vitamin D which are good for your baby. However, don’t forget that supplements can’t substitute a healthy, balanced diet and you should always talk to a pharmacist or your doctor before taking any.

Exercise more

Regular exercise can help you build more strength and lift your spirits, and you will also be able to get back into shape after birth faster. There are many pregnancy exercises you can choose from, including yoga, pilates and swimming. Regardless of the sports you choose, talk to your doctor and ask for her advice first.

Things to avoid

Not all foods are safe to eat during pregnancy, as some products can be infested with listeria, bacteria that produce listeriosis. Undercooked and unpasteurized foods should be carefully heated before you eat them.  Alcohol is another thing you should be careful about, as it can affect your unborn baby. It is recommended to cut out alcohol until the baby is born, as there are no studies to show what amount is safe to drink during pregnancy. However, if you choose to drink, make sure you never get drunk and don’t drink more than two times a week. You should also stop consuming caffeine, so if you like coffee, choose a decaffeinated version. It is also recommended to quit smoking.

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