Tips on Motherhood from an experienced Mom

Today we’re really happy to have a special guest blogger – Chris Carter from The Mom Cafe, providing some of her best tips on motherhood. Chris is so full of encouragement and love for everyone, but her heart is really in encouraging moms. If you don’t know her blog, you should check it out.

Tips on Motherhood by Chris Carter

Everyone knows about the battle of the balance in being a mom.  Some seem to effortlessly manage it all, or though it seems.  But every mother out there struggles with this- whether you are a working mom or not.  Kids will do that to you- bring you to your knees and strip you of any sense whatsoever, due to their unpredictable nerve!

I constantly struggle with anxiety, and my kids have proven to take me down and sucker punch me in the gut of angst.  Whether it’s the typical day-to-day syndrome, the medical issues that arise, academic problems, social issues or the constant bickering…  the list is endless really.

And as the kids get older, moms have to navigate all the activities and events that seem to suddenly appear before us with wild abandon!   It just never ends. And because of this marathon- we have to pace ourselves.  I try.  In order to do this insurmountable feat- I have to let go of so many things.  Volunteer for the pool party? Nope.  Have the baked goods for the fundraiser?  Nope.  Get those kids to the blah blah blah…  ?  Cancel.  Have their rooms nicely organized and the house perfectly clean with the aroma of a home cooked meal?  No.  Nada.  Heck no! We have to choose, every single day- what’s most important for and our kids, and ultimately what’s do-able for us as moms.

We will never ever ever ever do it all… Pace.  Every day.  So that we are still ever present in the long run of this race.

And with letting go comes grace.

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Equally as hard. Accepting that we will never be competent at every little detail of motherhood. Understanding that we aren’t supposed to be.

Comparison is defeating and discouraging. Realizing that what’s most important isn’t measured by the very thing we can’t get done. And having the discernment to see the vast landscape of our mission… and embrace the moments that matter. I have to remind myself over and over again- that parenting my children is about teaching them these very valuable truths.  They too, need to learn them.

And if they do, this motherhood gig seems to unfold in its own faltering, flailing, fulfilling and most fitting way…  designed uniquely for your family to flourish!

There is a powerful place in parenting created just for you.


Chris Carter

Chris Carter is a SAHM of two pretty amazing kids.  She has been writing at for nearly five years, where she hopes to encourage mothers everywhere through humor, inspiration and faith. 

You can also find Chris on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Google+


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