Two Broads Talking Politics – Ep 178

We were so, so excited to have Kelly Pollack and Philosophy Walker of Two Broads Talking Politics on the show! Nancy had to fly solo on this one without Alexa, who was laid up after surgery, but she was there in spirit!


In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Kelly and Soph met, and started their podcast, Two Broads Talking Politics
  • Their take on the debates that have happened so far and what they think of the candidates; there are so many candidates on the stage and how they are just trying to STAND out at this point
  • How Elizabeth Warren was the only one who didn’t spend her first debate time slamming Trump & how she made very conscious choices not to talk too much… perhaps because women are often perceived as talking too much.
  • Why there are so many Democratic candidates and no serious Republican contenders.
  • What does Mark Sanford’s potential candidacy mean? – Interesting polls – Trump has a high approval rating, but there are ALSO a large number of people who report a strong conservative candidate over Trump; Trump can’t attack him on his sex scandal because he has done these things and worse…
  • Winning the general election – who can excite moderate conservatives?
  • The struggle that the Democrats will face in the 2020 election
  • Who has the best chance of carrying the Democratic vote
  • Kelly’s fear – that we’ll nominate someone like Biden and then we won’t stand a chance… she’s hoping for Warren! Sophy agrees that Elizabeth Warren seems to be gaining a broader base of approval
  • Talked a lot about Elizabeth Warren and why these Two Broads like her!
  • The Two Broads podcast – how it is a great resource of information on politics in general and a good source of information on the issues and elections as well as other resources;
  • Kelly suggests reading as many news sources as possible and reading the top news stories across a huge variety of news outlets; don’t lock yourself into just one source
  • Ending on a hopeful note


More about Kelly Pollack and Sophy Walker

Born on the 4th of July, Kelly Pollack has always been a firecracker, leading a revolution of girls sitting at the boys’ lunch table in 2nd grade and founding Young Independents in high school. Since earning her Masters, Kelly has spent the past 15 years as a university administrator. Kelly is the co-host of the Two Broads Talking Politics Podcast and the Director of Content for DemCast. She lives in Chicago with her husband & two sons.

Sophy Walker lives in Madison, WI, with her husband, their three-year-old son, and their two beloved cats. After graduating with an MA from the Divinity School at the University of Chicago, she went on to become a technical writer at a large healthcare software company and the co-host of the Two Broads Talking Politics Podcast. She enjoys cold weather, Biblical exegesis, carbohydrates, and explaining to people why they’re wrong.

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