Valentine’s Day – How to get what you really want

Valentine’s Day

What did you get for Valentine’s Day last year? Did you do anything special to celebrate? As February 14th is approaching rather quickly, it’s time to get those husbands/boyfriends/significant others prepared, so you can get what you really want.

I’m always so amused when I go to the grocery story and see the panicked men grabbing for cards, picking up pre-made bouquets, and maybe a bottle of wine or cheap candy. They really have no clue.

how to get what you want on Valentine's Day

Here are a few tips to improve your Valentine’s Day.

Tell them

This seems pretty obvious, but some women like to be surprised or want their significant other to think of something on their own.  However, if you’ve gotten to the point where you just want something nice or specific, just tell them.

Men are definitely not mind readers. They also don’t take hints too well. They need things to be spelled out E-X-A-C-T-L-Y.

So give your man a list of things you might like, along with stores where they can be found. Or, Amazon has a great feature called a “Wish List.” Not only can you add things from Amazon, but from pretty much anywhere on the Internet, or even just leave a description. Ever since I created one, my Christmas/Birthday/Valentine’s gifts have improved immensely.

Hint around strategically

If you don’t want to tell them straight out, leave them hints. Hints that will hit them over the head.

Have the computer open on a blog post featuring gifts for women. Leave your magazine open with that necklace circled, with the name of the store written underneath. Talk about how much you love Orchids, not roses. Talk about how you only like really good, dark chocolate available at the candy store. Draw a giant heart on February 14th on the calendar. I’m talking BIG.

Have your kids do the dirty work

If you don’t want to do it directly, have your kids show daddy what you want. Cut things out of ads, or make them draw pictures. Now, this may take quite a bit of coaching, but it will be worth it when your guy books you that massage you’ve been dreaming of.

Plan it Yourself

If gifts aren’t your thing, and you would prefer a night out, take charge. Make a reservation, hire a sitter, and tell him what to wear and where to be.

Or tell him to make a reservation and hire a sitter. ASAP.


In a perfect world, you would have a really romantic partner that knew exactly what you wanted at the exact time you wanted it. But, since most of us live in the real world, just get over it and make the day special yourself. You’ll eliminate disappointment and have a fabulous Valentine’s day.