Valentine’s Day for the Single Parent

valentine's day for the single parent

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that really know how to be a thorn in the side of a single person, especially a single parent. Either you don’t have anyone in your life during this momentous occasion, or you do have a date lined up but your kid gets sick or you can’t find a babysitter so find yourself cancelling your date and find yourself at home. Alone. Binge eating chocolate (if you have any) and watching some lame romantic comedy that causes you to realize that you will never have that kind of love.

Unless you’re me, and don’t give into all of the hype of Valentine’s Day. Instead, you make it your own. Now, I usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s just not my thing. I have a teenager though who is adamant that I celebrate this year and he has decided that he will be my Valentine. Isn’t he the sweetest? My younger son is like me and doesn’t care for the holiday but he, too, has agreed to be my Valentine. I’m very lucky to have such great sons!

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Valentine’s Day for the Single Parent

5 ways to beat the Valentine’s Day blues for all of you single parents out there.

  1. Don’t give into the hype: When I say that I mean don’t fall for the sentiment that Valentine’s Day is just for couples. This will depress you and none of us want that. Instead, celebrate it with you kids. Kids love it when mommy decides to make this a special day because they are probably hearing it from school or their friends or on TV that Valentine’s Day is for couples. This makes them feel left out, just as it makes you feel left out. So why not make it a day for you and your little ones.
  2. Make a date with your kids: Go out to dinner at your favorite family-friendly restaurant. Take them to a movie. Who says you can’t take in dinner and a show on Valentine’s day with your kids? They will love the activities you plan for them or special gifts. You can do arts and crafts with them and you can give them candy. Kids love candy! You may even find yourself enjoying the holiday a lot more than you would going out on a date. Just saying.
  3. Buy yourself something special: or just splurge on wine and chocolates for the evening. That’s my plan. After taking my boys out for the day, I’m going to buy some wine, chocolate and after the kids go to bed, I have a date with my favorite zombie hunters as I watch the Winter premiere of The Walking Dead!
  4. Spoil Yourself: In addition to buying yourself something special, spoil yourself with a hot luxury bath after the kids go to sleep, or reading that book you have been wanting to finish but haven’t had the time. Light some romantic scented candles to help you feel good about yourself if that’s your thing. Indulge in a little Me Time!
  5. Remember that this is just one day: You have the rest of your life to find your soulmate (if you believe in that sort of thing). This is the perfect time for self-reflection. Do you even have time for someone in your life right now? We all get lonely from time to time but don’t let the loneliness cloud your judgement. Set some time aside for yourself to really think about what it is that you want out of life. Knowing what you want before you start searching for “the one” is very important and whoever that person is, I’m sure they will be worth the wait!