11 Recreational Water Diseases Of Which You Should Be Aware

How much do you know about Water Diseases?

It’s summer time. We’re all spending a good chunk of time in the water. Do you know how many water diseases there are? Or more importantly, ways to protect against them? Each summer we hear of crazy tragedies, like the recent teenager from Ohio who died this summer from a brain-eating amoeba. It’s the stuff of science fiction movies, but it’s real. And for this mama, who lives in the South and spends a LOT of time in pools, rivers, lakes, and oceans, it’s something to keep in mind.

Swimming activities are a fun, popular choice for celebrations or gatherings. Or just every day cooling off and entertainment, as we do at our house. Not to freak anyone out, but you should also keep in mind that different microbes and viruses are also attracted to water. Just when you thought that disinfecting pool water will totally decrease the chance for Recreational Water Illnesses to occur, you’ve got to make sure the pool is well balanced and truly disinfected. (See the tips at the bottom of the post for avoiding these nasty buggers.)

We’re not suggesting you should freak out and avoid all water situations and pools. Absolutely not. But, like anything else, it’s good to have a sense of awareness and education.

We want to share this information that was provided to us by Australian Spas and Pools. They are on a mission to education people about water diseases this summer.

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Types of Water Diseases

Swimming in a contaminated pool can raise your chance of acquiring Recreational Water Illnesses or RWIs, which could be very dangerous if left untreated. Recreational Water Diseases are a real threat, especially for children, pregnant women, or those people who are already immune suppressed. Therefore, as parents, you should educate yourself about these types of diseases to mitigate your child’s risks of acquiring them. Similarly, one must be aware of how these viruses are acquired and know the  steps to preventing these unwanted illnesses.

For more information about these Recreational Water Illnesses, here’s a must-see infographic by Australian Spas and Pools, a Melbourne Swimming Pool Builder,  that will provide you a better understanding on how to keep your kids safe around pools.

water diseases

These guys are nasty little creatures! Yuck! Types of water diseases:

water diseases

I know… after reading through this list, I want to go dump 72 gallons of chlorine in the pool. (And then we’ll all die of cancer, right??) Number 8 looks like something out of a horror film!

Who is at most risk to get these water diseases?

RWI - 4

How can you prevent them?

water diseases