What Jehava Brown wants white mothers to know #losethecape podcast ep 165

After reading Jehava Brown’s essay, Dear White Moms, What I Need You To Know, Alexa knew we had to have her on the show. This is such an important conversation to have and one we want to be a part of.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Jehava’s viral essay, originally published on Wonderoak, and picked up by ScaryMommy and Motherly.
  • Keep Marching by MomsRising Founder, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
  • The fears that came up for Jehava around writing this essay
  • Alexa’s experience with race
  • How the essay opened the door to real conversations with Jehava’s friends
  • The power of white moms to stand up and say something
  • Jehava’s best advice for talking about issues of race or other uncomfortable topics
  • Alexa’s awkward race moment at a family wedding
  • Why you can’t always worry about offending people
  • Jehava’s advice to her kids on dealing with mean people
  • Why conversations at home are important
  • The difficulty in growing out of harmful, outdated beliefs
  • How becoming a mother changes the way you look at things
  • The privilege of being white, even when you think your life hasn’t been easy

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More about Jehava

Jehava Brown is the creator of Onlygirl4boyz, a lifestyle and motherhood blog that shares tips on parenting, recipes, and travel. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband of 13 years, and their 3 boys. She loves to encourage women in all stages of their lives, while creating a community to share stories and experiences.

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